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R1380T Stylish Bookshelf Speakers

R1380T Stylish Bookshelf Speakers

Wooden Enclosure

100% MDF wooden enclosure to minimise acoustic resonance.

Class D Amplifier

Built-in Class-D amplifier with 21W+21W RMS power output.

Dual RCA Inputs

Dual RCA inputs for connecting to two devices simultaneously.


Stylish Bookshelf Speakers

  • Audio inputs: Line In 1, Line In 2
  • 1-inch(25mm) tweeter
  • 4-inch(116mm) mid-bass driver
  • 21W+21W RMS power output
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AUD $ 179.99
Year Warranty   30 Day Return Policy

Digital Chip and Powerful Tweeter

These speakers feature a TI PCM9211 digital decoding chip that accurately reproduces the source audio. The built-in tweeter is no less than 25 mm.


Built-in Class-D amplifier with 21W+21W RMS power output. Classic acoustic configuration with 1-inch(25mm) tweeter and 4-inch(116mm) mid-bass driver.

Easy Operation

The right side panel features the bass, treble, and volume controls. Of course, an IR remote control is also included.

Unique Style

The beautiful wooden side panels of the R1380T bookshelf speakers make an impression, an example of elegance and luxury.