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R1855DB Multimedia 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers


Immersive Sound Quality

With the mid-range loudness and bass, this speaker fills a room with the beats that you love without distortion and makes your moments joyous.

Range Of Inputs

With both analogue and digital connections, these speakers make your life easier. • Aux/RCA: For PC or Turntables • Optical/Coaxial: For lossless connection • Bluetooth: For convenience


Add to your bass and connect a sub-woofer to the speaker with the sub-out output feature and get more than you can.

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R1855DB Multimedia 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers

  • Φ19mm silk film tweeters and 4-inch Nomex diaphragm mid-bass drivers
  • 70W RMS high power output without distortion
  • Precise electronic crossover based on DSP technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures stable connection
  • Optical, Coaxial, Line in 1, and Line in 2 audio inputs available
  • Wireless remote control for easy operations
  • Sub-out output works with an external subwoofer
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AUD $ 224.99 AUD $ 299.99
Year Warranty   30 Day Return Policy

Play Your Favourites

Adopt a professional Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm chipset, for a stable and low energy-consuming connection to play your favourites that you take along in your phone.

Feel the Beat

You can adjust the bass and treble of this speaker to give your room the complete dance floor effect. Bring your music and audio to life with this speaker.

Aesthetic Look

Want to show off the beautiful tweeters of this speaker? You can take off the 19 mm silk grill and keep it on to keep the dust from settling on it.

Wireless Control

Now you can change your connection lines and can also change your music sitting on your couch with this wireless remote control.