2.1 Speaker Systems

Experience the intensity of deep base subwoofer sound systems without the bulky setup. Edifier 2.1 speaker systems bring out the full potential of your music, TV shows, movies and games. Originated from computer speakers and engineered to handle a variety of gadgets and uses, they are as versatile and spontaneous as you.

THX-certified Active Speaker System
  • Award-winning 2.1 sound system
  • 5.8G Wireless Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth 4.0 pairing
2.1 speaker system with upward-angled satellites and downward-firing subwoofer.
  • Downward-firing 5 inch subwoofer
  • Wireless remote for volume and audio source selection
  • Connect via 3.5mm AUX or RCA input
Your favourite 2.1 speaker system gets better.
  • Front bass reflex port to deliver rich and detailed sound
  • Two full range satellites speakers tuned and matched to subwoofer for clear rich audio
  • Wired volume control with audio mute button
  • Headphone jack on remote control for convenience and ease of use
Karaoke enthusiasts, look no further.
  • USB input port for flash drive/connection loaded with MP3 audio files
  • Microphone input port allows for karaoke and microphone capabilities
  • Master volume and EQ controls located on subwoofer unit
Compact power provides a great multimedia audio experience.
  • High-quality sound in all speakers
  • MDF wood subwoofer enclosure for clear bass performance
  • Ideal for laptops or as a multimedia mini speaker system
Laptop Multiple Speaker
  • High-quality sound in all speakers
  • Ideal for laptops or as a multimedia mini speaker system
Heighten your sound experience with 2.1 multimedia speakers.
  • Downward firing 4” subwoofer
  • Angled satellite provides direct sound without object interference
  • Standard 3.5mm AUX for multiple connection possibilities
Old School Style Modern Sound
  • Titanium Dome Tweeters
  • 8-Inch Booming Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth 4.1 aptX Wireless Sound
300 watts of pure power. Prepare to be impressed.
  • Passive bass reflection port on both sides of the subwoofer
  • Multifunctional wired controller with a 2 1/2 inch LCD display screen
  • Multifunctional wireless remote for convenience
Dramatic gaming speaker system for dramatic sound effects.
  • Powerful 3' SubWoofer with 9W RMS power
  • Optimized for game effects
  • Wooden MDF housing, for quality bass output
Computer Subwoofer Speaker
  • Wooden MDF housing, for quality bass output
  • High-quality sound in all speakers
  • Calm and cute appearance
Simple And Clean Design For Your Computer
  • Supports AUX, SD ,USB and Bluetooth devices
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 4-inch bass driver for bigger sound
Multimedia Speakers
  • Multimedia speakers in wooden enclosure
  • RMS 40W output power
  • Front-facing bass reflex port to enhance low-frequency