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Memorandum: EDIFIER acquisition of high-end electrostatic headphone brand, STAX

Memorandum: EDIFIER acquisition of high-end electrostatic headphone brand, STAX

Dear friends,

I am very grateful to have received your comments and your concerns on the future of the high-end electrostatic headphone brand STAX – comments and concerns that further endorses the unique headphone technology and that of the worldwide hi-end audiophile recognition that the engineers at STAX have established for the brand and the products and made prevalent over the years. 

Edifier’s recent acquisition of STAX has brought about a significant amount of attention among the many STAX and audiophile users. Concerns of the future of the STAX brand and product lines have been rightfully voiced and so with this letter I would like to provide to all a short explanation of our future plans and to ease any concerns as a result of Edifier’s acquisition of STAX.

Some several years ago I was fortunate to listen to some of the STAX range of electrostatic headphones and was amazed at the audio performance and crystal clear sound as reproduced by those headphones and so subsequently purchased not one but two sets for my personal use. I was addicted and hoped to one day meet the creator and the engineers at STAX.

I was eventually able to fulfill that dream and meet with the team at STAX earlier this year, subsequently entering into discussions to acquire STAX on the basis that STAX should and will remain as I intend it to be that of an independent operation retaining the current team, including Mr. Yozo Meguro and too retaining at all time the brand integrity that STAX has created and built over the years with products to be continued to be designed and manufactured in Japan. To further the development of more first-class products as too technologies and the brand itself Edifier will be investing into all aspects of the company, in-particular the areas of research and development at STAX and where appropriate will be using Edifier’s well established global distribution, marketing and service network to further enhance the STAX product and brand awareness – a classic brand in every sense!

I do sincerely hope that this comes as a relief to all the STAX users, enthusiasts and those audiophile lovers. The STAX brand will certainly not disappear as many acquired brands these days are apt to do. We certainly do intend to carefully nourish and expand this very unique brand and it’s exceptional technologies as too it’s capabilities to another level yet retaining the overall uniqueness of the STAX brand.

STAX will still remain STAX – as in time I hope you will all agree!

I do thank all for writing in and being totally candid with the comments and concerns made and look forward for the team at STAX to further their developments and unique product technologies with products that extend and exceed in audio quality and capability from those already excellent products as developed.
All the very best!

President and CEO of Edifier

Wendong Zhang