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April 2021 Edifier Setup Roundup

Edifier April 2021 Setup Roundup

We begin our April Roundup with this shot taken by Gamrtalk via Instagram. We chose this photo because it highlights the versatility of our speakers and their usage. Love gaming and need some great speakers? The ones featured here are our S2000MKIII speakers. Plus, it doesn't hurt to admire the controllers in the back.

Check out the photo here.

Edifier April 2021 Setup Roundup

The next photo on our list is this shot by Chris, whose Instagram handle is Frozen_cellmate. This photo stood out to us not only because we love Def Leppard, but because of the great pairing of vinyl and our R1850DB speakers.

Take a look at the original carousel and vinyl closeup here.

Edifier April 2021 Setup Roundup

Last, but not least, we have this great home decor shot taken by our follower Aaron via Instagram at aaron.moxley. This photo caught our attention because of the way our R1280T speakers seamlessly tie into the rest of the decor. What's more impressive is Aaron and his wife thrifting most of the pieces in this photo!

If interested, visit Aaron's page and check out the original post here.

We had a number of incredible photos taken by our followers this month, the photos chosen are what we feel encompasses our overall community and their interests: the gamers, vinyl lovers, and music fanatics.

Don't forget to tag us in your photos and you might just be featured in our next months' roundup.