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August 2021 Edifier Speaker Setup Roundup

Summer’s almost over and we’re loving to see how many of you are using Edifier's summer playlist and Edifier speakers to enjoy this warm- melodic summer. Here’s a glimpse of how some of you took on social media to showcase how much you adored our products in this toasty August.

R1280Ts by 5.inbetween

If there was a picture to describe indoor summer then this would be it. @5.inbetween has taken on Instagram to show how they have been managing to do work from home this summer. Even if you are indoors, a little bit of sunshine and greenery is all you need to not miss out on nature. Edifier's R1280Ts blend in perfectly with this nature-influenced work setup and got us thinking if we really need outside to enjoy the beautiful nature.

itech fan speakers image

An awesome image accompanied by an unboxing reel posted by @itech_fan_ to their Instagram, highlighting the sleek look of Eidifer’s R1280Ts speakers and its top-notch sound quality. The video is clear enough to showcase almost all the outer features of the speakers and it also doesn’t miss out on the flexing with the bass quality. You can definitely feel the beat from this reel.

R1280DBs Bookshelf Speakers by has us going back in time with their vintage vinyl setup combined with Edifier’s R1280DBs Bookshelf Speakers. The wooden table and the side panels of the speakers give a more aesthetic picturesque vibe to this personal vinyl library.

overdosedgaming speakers

Take a look at the lighting in this image for our R1280Ts and take a mini-tour with @overdosedgaming's reels seeing their stunning gaming setup. The colour vibrance from the PC and LED lights and the exquisite sound system from Edifier speakers really do put you in a good mood from all that gaming rage.

raidacfc speakers

Here’s a cool setup by @raidacfc of Eidifier’s R1280DBs, a new addition to their clean and simple setup. You can easily connect your devices to these Bluetooth-friendly speakers and enjoy your music without worrying much about tangly wires to connect.

shooter cm speakers

We’re having difficulty deciding what is more cool in this image, the fact our speakers are next to marvel and pokemon or the photography by @shooter_cm. We are so produ that our R1280Ts speakers at hanging out with someone so cool.

Thanks to all the talented people out there who shared their creativity with us and tagged us in their posts; we always enjoy seeing the content you shoot and the space you create with our products. Don't forget to tag us in any future content!