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Edifier X Daughter: Giving Back To The Community

What happens when a restaurant incorporates corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their daily operations? Amazing things can happen and that’s exactly what this café has been doing since opening. Daughter, a local café in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was co-founded by entrepreneurs Sarah, Brian, and Adam in the fall of 2019. Amid the global pandemic, the three worked diligently to open their doors and take the first steps toward giving back to their community. As of April 2021, Daughter has been open 7-days a week offering delicious pastries, flavourful meals, and a variety of drinks. However, it isn’t just the food they offer that makes Daughter stand out above the rest: it’s their overall mission, message, and company initiative to support those in need that caught our attention.

Photo credit: Mackenzie Jamieson

Overall Mission and Project Family Meal

 “The events of the past year revealed so much need in the world and in our community for financial security, human connection, and social justice,” said Sarah. For this reason, the three were inspired to start Project Family Meal, a unique initiative that offers free meals to those in need between 4-6pm everyday, in addition to sharing 10% of their monthly profits to charitable foundations. 

Edifier X Daughter 

So, how did Edifier get introduced to Daughter? “For the events we'll be holding and Project Family Meal, we need reliable speakers with sound that not only carries, but looks sleek in our café space. Of course, my go-to brand for this is Edifier” said Sarah. After learning about the company, it was a no-brainer to send Daughter a pair of our R1700BT speakers to help create an inviting and home-like atmosphere for their customers. 

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Daughter’s Future & How to Support

The future for Daughter is a bright one as the company strives to expand their operations, host events, network volunteers, and break into urban farming. At Edifier, we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their cause and we encourage our Edifans to do the same. For those living in Brooklyn, take the time to visit Daughter and support their local business. While many of our followers live in various parts of the world, there are additional ways to stay supportive. We have linked Daughter’s Instagram and website where you can like, comment, share, and follow.