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March 2021 Edifier Setup Roundup

NowSpinning R1280Ts

Starting off our roundup we have a classic shot for any listening room. The photo credit is from NowSpinning315 on Instagram. We like this setup because it is a simple and clean setup. We like how the album art is hung above and centred over the record player. The product on display here is the R1280Ts.

Take a look at the full carousel here.

R1850DB Desktop Speakers JonCaronArt

Next up we have a desktop setup from Jon Caron. This photo credit is from Jon Caron Art on Instagram We enjoy the dark tone of this photo with the light shining from the window on the left side. The camera angle from below shooting up makes the monitor larger than it may appear and helps guide your eye to the focal point. The angle also makes our R1850DB speakers look larger as you brace for a heavy bass feel.

If you are interested, you can see the full carousel here.

Hunt for life and deth metal R1280DB

Here is another setup great for listening rooms but the reason we chose to show this one was because of the beautiful album art. We can tell that each of these covers were meticulously placed with intent. Each cover tells a story and encourages your imagination to run wild. Metal fans, here is a setup for you to admire. The product on display here is the R1280T.

Photo credit is from HuntForLife&DethMetal. You can see the photo post here.

DadCanGame M3200

This setup is for the gamers. We are big gamers here at Edifier and enjoyed looking through this photo and naming all the consoles and games we could spot. DadCanGame opted for the more interesting placement of our M3200 placing both the satellite speakers and subwoofer on the entertainment unit instead of having the subwoofer placed on the floor. This gives a trinity feel to it and looks cool. However, we do not recommend trying this with a record player.

Photo credit from DadCanGame. You can see the carousel here.

To end off the article we wanted to include a video from Larry Dickerson doing a walkthrough of his latest desk setup.