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May 2021 Edifier Setup Roundup


To kick off our May roundup we have this shot of the Edifier R1280T Speakers by our fellow follower @Dryden.nagtalon on Instagram. With Dryden's photography skills, we couldn't help but admire the R1280Ts.

IMG 4943

Next up, we have this turntable and speaker combination taken by @Johnny2tone. Wondering what really stood out to us in this photo? No wires, anywhere. Maintaining a clean set up is easy with our truly wireless R2000DB Speakers.

W820BT 4

Our speakers aren't the only products that offer great sound quality. This photo of our W820BT Over-ear Bluetooth Headphones comes from our follower @Mamacxta_. Perfect for gaming and ties seamlessly into any setup.

20210521 124634

We also have this great shot taken by @headphones_and_coffee. There is no better feeling than waking up Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and your favourite music playing. The H880 Premium Over-ear Headphones bring a little bliss to your morning routine.


Finally, we have this great turntable and vinyl setup taken by @theonewthehouse. What's not to love about this shot? The vinyl, wine bottles, and the Edifier R1280DB Bookshelf Speakers make this an incredible setup.

We thank all our Edifans who posted photos and participated this month. We continue to receive amazing photos on Instagram and enjoy seeing how much you all enjoy your products. Don't forget to tag us throughout the month of June for our next monthly roundup.