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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Computer Speakers

From coffee shops to libraries and college campuses to board rooms, the current generation of mobile computers provide users with all-day battery life and plenty of processing power to accomplish daily tasks, with some even capable of playing graphics-intensive games. But, the convenience of this mobility comes with a tradeoff in audio quality, since built-in laptop speakers often deliver thin, treble-heavy audio at very low volumes.

Most popular PCs also come with small speakers that deliver mediocre sound quality at best. Even high-end all-in-one desktops like the iMac offer lacklustre audio performance. Put simply, the speakers that are included with your computer can’t compete with a dedicated, high-quality audio system.

Whether you use your computer for streaming shows and movies, gaming, or listening to music, upgrading your computer speakers to high-quality bookshelf speakers will provide an exceptional multimedia experience. In this article, we’ll explore the top five reasons to upgrade your computer speakers. Let’s get started!

1. Deeper Bass and Brighter Highs

Speakers on tablets and laptops generally only go as low as 200 to 400 Hz. That means you are missing out on a lot of fundamental low-end information. And with these types of small, integrated speakers, the frequency response that you do hear is likely to be uneven, inaccurate, and with hyped frequencies that sound harsh. Upgrade to a set of quality bookshelf speakers and you will extend your bass response down to 60 Hz or lower—and experience a better tuned, more natural sound in the mids and highs. You’ll instantly hear the benefits, whether you’re streaming music, watching a movie, or playing games.

2. More Volume. More Power.

If you’ve ever had to lift your laptop to your ear even though it’s at maximum volume, then you already know that the small speakers found in mobile devices only get so loud. A dedicated set of computer speakers will give you more volume, and with better clarity than you could ever hope to achieve through the speakers built into your laptop, tablet, or desktop all-in-one.

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3. More Durable Over Time

As your laptop or tablet ages, and as you repeatedly turn up the volume, the chance of accidentally causing damage to those tiny speakers increases. If you turn up the volume on your laptop and it starts to crackle when you play music, it’s likely you have a damaged speaker (or a speaker that just can’t keep up). Dedicated computer speakers are built to handle significantly louder volumes; you’d have to go out of your way to blow a woofer or tweeter.

4. Flexible Placement Options

When your computer speakers are no longer built into the computer itself, you naturally have more options for placement. And if you upgrade to wireless speakers or Bluetooth speakers, your options for placement are virtually limitless. Use the freedom of wireless speakers to declutter your workspace while simultaneously improving your sound.

5. Connect More Devices

With premium solutions, like Edifier bookshelf speakers, you’ll experience dramatic improvements in audio quality, but you’ll also benefit from being able to connect additional devices as needed. Wireless digital bookshelf speakers, like the S1000DB and S3000Pro bookshelf speakers, offer all the connectivity options you need—including Bluetooth, optical, coax, multiple aux inputs, and more.

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What If I Already Own Standalone Computer Speakers?

If you already own a basic pair of computer speakers and wonder if an upgrade is worth it, you’re not alone. Many people purchase an inexpensive pair of computer speakers, usually between $25 and $50, in their quest to achieve a better audio experience, only to be disappointed shortly thereafter.

Although they are better than laptop speakers, these inexpensive speakers still leave a lot to be desired. Most manufacturers who offer these type of desktop speakers don’t bother to list the frequency response range in their marketing materials—and for good reason. They typically lack definition in the lows and produce muffled midrange and highs. They are, at best, a modest improvement over integrated laptop speakers. Listening to music or watching movies through those types of speakers is sure to lack clarity or excitement and provides an underwhelming media experience.

If you truly want to augment your computer’s audio performance, a set of digital bookshelf speakers can be a great upgrade. For example, the Edifier S1000DB and S3000Pro bookshelf speakers offer uncompromising audiophile-grade quality, a compact footprint and wireless technology to keep your setup free of tangled wires. You’ll experience fuller lows, balanced mids and smooth, pleasing highs combined with improved clarity and distortion-free audio.

Whether you only have the speakers built into your laptop or if you already own a set of desktop computer speakers, there are several reasons to upgrade:

• You’ll experience an extended frequency response for truly immersive bass (down to an impressive 38 Hz in the Edifier S3000Pro) and crisp highs

• The ability to turn up the volume and maintain clarity without distortion

• A durable speaker system built to stand the test of time

• More flexible placement options, especially with wireless bookshelf speakers, so your desk can be more organized

• Myriad connectivity options like Bluetooth, coax, optical, multiple aux inputs and more

Now that you know about the benefits of upgrading your computer speakers, it’s up to you to choose the style and type that best suits your needs. Edifier offers a variety of solutions that make for great audiophile computer speakers. The S1000DB and S3000Pro bookshelf speakers are two of the most popular models, thanks to their studio-quality sound, wire-free setup, and multiple options for connecting your favourite devices.

Once you set up your upgraded computer speakers, it’s time to get comfortable, put on your favourite music, turn up the volume, and enjoy your newly improved listening experience.

If you’re ready to upgrade your computer speakers and improve the sound quality of your streaming, gaming, music, and more, check out our wide selection of wireless bookshelf speakers.