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Everything You Need for Your Home Audio

R2850DB 3-Way Active Speakers

Everything You Need for Your Home Audio

150 Watts RMS

The continuous undistorted power can be output by the tweeters (14W + 14W), midrange speakers (16W + 16W), and bass (45W + 45W). With such strong power, it can easily perform well in a large space of 100 square metres.

Bluetooth V5.1 with APTX

Based on QUALCOMM's QCC3024 Bluetooth 5.1 module and built-in APTX decoding, it can transmit high-quality music from your phone, laptop, or tablet wirelessly.

Subwoofer Output

To satisfy application scenarios requiring lower frequencies, one sub-out output with a low pass of 100Hz can be connected to powered super bass speakers.


Multimedia Speakers

  • Built-in Class-D amplifier
  • 150 watts RMS total power
  • Three-way bookshelf speakers
  • Subwoofer output for an external subwoofer
  • Line In 1, Line In 2, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth input
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Bluetooth V5.1 with APTX Decoding

Based on Qualcomm’s QCC3024 Bluetooth chip in V5.1 version and built-in APTX decoding which significantly improves the transmission speed of wireless signal and resistance to interference, allow you to transmit high-quality music from your phone, laptop, or tablet wirelessly, works with iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows devices.

Multiple Inputs for More Application Scenarios

Two Line-In analog signal inputs, one optical fibre, and one coaxial digital signal input interface enable connection to the computer, turntable, CD, TV, set-top box, DVD, or any other sound source devices you want.

Three-way Speaker Unit

¾" silk dome tweeter: delicate, soft, and natural music performance, especially the music played by stringed instruments, makes the speaker system more appealing to users.

Midrange speaker unit: 4.5" speaker with rubber-edged and paper cone providing full-body, soft, robust, and powerful mid-bass.

Woofer Unit: The 8" speaker with rubber-edged and paper cone providing lower frequency, good transient, responsive, clear, and powerful bass.

Two Kinds of Adjustment for Easier Control

Treble, bass, volume control/input selector knobs specially set for the speaker system itself provide moderate damping, clear scale, and easy adjustment. A higher-grade, more robust, and more functional remote control to control the whole system with a light touch of the button.

Wood Enclosure in Classic Colour

t is made of the best high-density wood board for speaker systems. The thick speaker enclosure, which has a 15mm-thick side enclosure board and an 18mm-thick front baffle board, is sturdy enough to ensure long service life and eliminate the speaker system's resonance oscillation. This is a great way to take advantage of all that extra space you have on your bookshelves.

Digital Signal Processors

The continuous use of TI's DSP chip TAS5508C provides accurate frequency division to ensure that the three speaker units work in their smooth response range to provide distinct and clean sound.

Front Display Window for Clearly Visible Indication

The indicator light will feedback in the current mode by shifting or flashing for every adjustment and operation to clearly show the state of operation.


  • V5.1
  • R/L (treble): 14W+14W R/L (mid-range): 16W+16W R/L (bass): 45W+45W
  • 42Hz-20KHz
  • Line in 1, Line in 2, optical, coaxial, Bluetooth
  • 258x461x316mm/10x18x12.4 inch
  • 23Kg