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Edifier @ CES 2020 Wrap Up

This year Edifier wanted a more friendly and lively booth at CES 2020. The idea for the booth was planned around our top selling products. We concentrated on three specific product lines. These products were headphones, home theater audio, and our bookshelf speakers.

Noise Cancelling Headphone booths

Before we go into detail on the rooms it was important to have an open space where we can converse and invite people into our booth. We had six stand up poles equipped with our W860NB noise cancelling headphones that are placed completely around your ear. Each headphone was synced with an iPad with an exhaustive playlist of the biggest hits and niche titles. After impressing the crowd with our headphones, we invited them into our experience rooms to hear the Edifier difference.

CES 2020 Headphone Bar

Our headphone bar simulated a small Las Vegas club or pub. We had classy “bartenders” that catered to every visitor’s needs. On the bar top we had a whole range of TWS earphones that were available for testing. The models ranged from our TWS1 all the way up to our newest product the TWSNB which was launched during the show. These are active noise cancelling TWS earphones that blocks outside noise. Behind the bartenders we had a variety of top shelf headphones. This emulates the feeling of having top shelf liquor.

Home Theater Room Edifier CES 2020

We also had our home theater room that showcased our highest quality speakers. This is where we showcased our S3000PRO bookshelf speakers. The room itself was furnished with comfortable ottomans that accommodated the luxury of our top tier speakers. This allowed for those looking for a place to rest to come into our booth and enjoy their favorite tracks.

Edifier CES 2020 Record Store

Our last section was named the Record Store. This section places an emphasis on our bookshelf speakers. These are more consumer-friendly level set of speakers that is ideal for any bedroom or living room. Behind our R1280DB speakers, is a wall of records that takes inspiration from classic album designs. We incorporated a twist with the album art inserting our products into the covers.

Thank You For Coming to CES

Lastly, we'd love to thank everyone who came to our booth. You made our CES the best one yet and we can't wait to see you all again next year at CES 2021.