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Uni-Buds TO-U2

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An Inborn Dream-maker with Distinctive Sound

A combination of special style with admiring design and classic retro elements, giving an exquisite and lovely appearance with a rounded arc and smooth feel.

AptX Audio Decoding Technology

AptX audio decoding technology of Qualcomm is applied, 16bit and 24bit audio can be played, and the sampling frequency can be up to 48 kHz, which reduces the loss of sound quality ad keeps more details of the music.

Specialized Tuning Team and Well-selected Titanium Diaphragm

After scientific tuning by the experienced acoustics team of Edifier, a fair-sounding melody can be heard.

Outstanding Sound Quality Intoxicating World

Stay away from interference. The excellent sound quality is so dynamic with distinct levels, the low frequency is full of dynamic and the high frequency is clear and brisk.

IP65 Waterproof and Dust Prevention

IP65 waterproof and dust-prevention technology is available to easily prevent the earphone from being corroded by sweat and rain, so you can exercise without any worries and enjoy music while you are running.

Exclusive APP For Personal Needs

Supporting EDIFIER CONNECT function extension with built-in APP manipulation multiple functions can be defined freely and meet personalized demands.

Gold-plated Button

The glossy material is plated with piano lacquer together with the gold-plated button from shiny and wearable texture.

Mellow Curve

A rounded and mellow appearance inspired by the Beetle car.