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Get Your H850 Headphones For Only $39.99

Get Your H850 Headphones For Only $39.99

Get Yours Before They Are Gone

The best entry-level audiophile headphones is now available for the lowest price set to date. From now until May 24th, purchase the Edifier H850 headphones for only $39.99. These headphones are considered a fantastic piece of audio equipment at their original price and now we want more people to experience top of the line audio quality from Edifier. The H850 headphones have recevied overwhelmingly positive reviews from audiophiles on websites such as Head-fi. Head-fiers found that the H850 headphones had an impressive sound quality that was unexpected given the low price point.

Founder of Acoustic Energy and bass player, Phil Jones, personally tuned the H850 headphones to deliver a fun sound signature. The soundstage of the H850 headphones is up close and personal. Experience a truly detailed sound from Edifier with the H850 headphones.

When it comes to comfort, the Edifier H850 headphones are designed to be ergonomic. The leather earpads offer a cushiony feeling so you can listen to your audio in peace without ever wanting to take them off. Built with a high-quality insert foam and leather earpads these headphones are made for continuous use.

These headphones come with a 2-meter long 3.5mm cable that is removable, which is ideal for storage. This cable is easily replaceable there is a shorter cable available for only $10. In addition to the removable cable, the H850 headphones come with a 1/4-inch adapter. This adapter is great for plugging into a wide range of audio equipment including amps.

The H850 headphones are more travel friendly than other bulkier products. These headphones are lightweight and feature a design with earcups that turn inward for a flat fold. This makes them easier to place in a bag without occupying too much space. You can easily fit these inside any carrying case as well.