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Are Android headphones compatible with iPhones?

Are Android headphones compatible with iPhones?

Earphones and headphones seem to be built the same way. They have drivers that produce sound waves and recreate the music you are listening to. But can you really use a headphone designed for an Android phone on an iPhone? Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple yes or no. 

Headphones with a standard 3.5 mm auxiliary cord can be plug into almost any device. They all work great and produce sound as well as they have been made to regardless the smartphone they are plugged into. In most cases yes you can use an android earphone with an iPhone. You will be able to hear the music the same with either smartphone. However, the built in controls on an earphone or headphone may not function with the different devices. 

Built-in microphones and remote control tend to be universal among smartphones. This means you can play/pause music and answer phone calls with a click of the inline remote. The only thing that will not work from a three-button headphone is the built-in volume controls. 

Smartphone’s volume controls are software based, and Android and iPhone do not use the same software. You will be able to use all features except volume control. If you are mainly using your phone for hands free calling, then this may not be an issue for you. There are some apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone to get full usage of your headphone controls. Before purchasing an app make sure that it will do what you require. 

If you like the convenience of controlling every aspect of your music from the built-in controls on the headphone, then the best thing to do is purchase a headphone that is specifically built for that smartphone. The software will be compatible and you will be able to use all controls with no hassle.