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Edifier Aurora MP300 Plus PC Multimedia Speaker System Serves Engaging Portable Sound, Making An Ideal Companion To MP3 Players And Home PCs

Edifier Aurora MP300 Plus PC Multimedia Speaker System Serves Engaging Portable Sound, Making An Ideal Companion To MP3 Players And Home PCs

Las Vegas, USA

The Edifier MP300 Plus is small, yet surprisingly powerful with an unobtrusive stylish design.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Delivering a perfect blend of modern design and a rewarding sonic experience, Edifier today introduced the Aurora MP300 Plus PC multimedia speaker system. Unlike bulky portable speakers, the Aurora proves incredibly discrete due to its compact size and sleek design. Providing exceptional power and weighing less than 4lbs, the 3-piece system is styled for the traveling audiophile who longs for world-class sound everywhere they go.

Representing a model of simplicity, the 2.1 system is comprised of a 2-inch tubular subwoofer and two globe-like 1.5-inch mid-range/high-frequency drivers. Beautifully crafted with a magnetically shielded black aluminum outer cover, the subwoofer is inconspicuously designed to fit behind any laptop, acting as a hub for the inputs, outputs and power. Complimenting the all-black glossy sub are two elegant globe-shaped speakers, no bigger than the palm of your hand, that sit on either side of the computer screen; the right one includes volume buttons that activate a fade-in/fade-out mute function.

“Portability does't always necessarily mean great sound,” states Anthony Wilkinson, senior vice president, Edifier, “but the Aurora goes above expectations and is a valuable asset to anyone who regularly wishes to listen to their MP3 player without headphones and get a decent, high-quality sound. Rarely does a product of this size make for outstanding sound, especially at a price point below $100! ”

Excelling not only in exterior design, the Aurora is also well-made inside, producing impressive sound quality with a well-controlled base from the sub and mid-tones that are pleasingly clear, with good, tonal balance. The user-friendly satellite mounted controls make for easy operation and traveling with the product is ideal with the padded and compact carrying case.

EDIFIER INTERNATIONAL is a leading global designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio speaker products that feature contemporary design and high sound quality. Founded in Beijing in 1996 and with offices in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Australia and Buenos Aires, Edifier has sales in more than fifty countries and has become a world-class international audio components manufacturer providing unique, inspirational, visually elegant and functional audio solutions for home, consumer electronics and PC multimedia applications. Now with 3,000 employees producing more than eight million sets annually, the company has won numerous international design awards, including breakthrough CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards (CES 2008 (two awards) and CES 2010 (one award)) in the U.S.; iF Product Design awards in 2008 and a Red Dot Design Award (MP300 Plus and Luna2 E20, 2009) in Germany; and a Good Design Award in Japan in for MP300 Plus in 2008.

For more information please go to www.edifier-international.com. Also visit the Edifier FaceBook page.