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Edifier’s Breathe iPod/iPhone Audio System Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to Music Listeners Everywhere

Las Vegas, USA

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Visually reminiscent of a cloud or a moving wave, Edifier offers a breathtaking sound experience with the introduction of its Breathe iPod/iPhone all-in-one audio system, a compact yet powerful music center that combines a uniquely elegant contemporary appearance with expansive sound quality and ease of use. Immersing your imagination through clear, crisp sound, the Breathe accompanies any home décor. 

Breathe is elegantly simple in both appearance and operation. Its built-in iPod/iPhone dock rests atop the unit for easy access, and the supplied adapters accept any iPod or iPhone with a docking connector. The included remote operates the control and navigation of the iPod or iPhone, as well as the Breathe°s power on/off, volume, input selection and other functions. The Breathe can also be operated via its front-panel controls.
Anthony Wilkinson, Senior Vice President, Edifier, noted, “Breathe is perfect for a bedroom, vacation home, dorm or kitchen – although compact, it’s also powerful enough to be enjoyed as a main room audio system.”

Breathe delivers surprisingly powerful sound, thanks to its three-driver speaker system featuring a 5-inch subwoofer and dual midrange/tweeter coaxial drivers, powered by a built-in Class D amplifier. A single power cord is the only connection required, and its universal 90V – 240V power supply enables Breathe to be used anywhere in the worldwide.

When an iPhone is connected, Breathe has incoming call priority – the music will be automatically muted and the call put through, and Breathe will resume playback when the call is completed. In addition, Breathe also has an auxiliary input, enabling it to be used with a portable music player or virtually any device with an audio output.

Breathe is internally constructed with an aluminum chassis to provide a rigid structure for optimal audio output, as well as a aluminum back panel with a contrasting black cloth covered front.

The Edifier Breathe iPod/iPhone audio system has an MSRP at $399.99.