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Edifier’s Prisma Speaker System Is Now Available In the U.S. at the Apple Store

The Edifier Luna5 encore’s stunning appearance and incredible sonic performance earned it a coveted CES Innovation Honoree Award.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Offering the ultimate in design excellence and uncompromised audio quality in an elegant all-in-one audio system, Edifier today introduced the brand new Luna5 encore – iF500. As an iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 docking station or when operated in digital FM radio mode, the simplicity of use, design and audio quality of the Luna5 encore make it a must-have for avid music listeners. Raising the expectation level for both design quality and sonic performance, the Luna5 encore immerses the senses, both visually and sonically at an affordable price. The Luna5 encore’s understated, elegant design and great sonic performance make it the ideal audio accompaniment for that special dinner party, a holiday cocktail hour or rainy Sunday reading the papers and listening to jazz. 

 “The Luna5 encore was designed to outperform anything in the class of highly compact music playback systems, and it accomplishes that with greater elegance and at an affordable price of under $300,” says Anthony Wilkinson, senior vice president, Edifier. “The Luna5 encore delivers exceptional sound and does it with style and grace in its design. It is exactly what it is intended to be: something you not only want to listen to but also want to display.” 

The Luna5 encore is a study in design: this one-piece unit is comprised of an acoustically isolated combination base/control panel and a round speaker panel with an elliptical profile. The speaker panel is covered with black grill-cloth and the molded base is available in either glossy piano black or white. The speaker panel of the Luna5 encore cleverly incorporates a 5.75-inch bass driver, two specially housed 2.75-inch midrange drivers and two 1-inch tweeters. Both the midrange drivers and tweeters are arranged in stereo on either side of the panel to maximize stereo separation, and they are powered by two Class-D digital amps – a 30-Watt amp dedicated to the bass driver and a 22-Watt amp for the mids and tweeters. The Luna5 encore’s sensuous aesthetic design even extends to its basic operation: pressing the illuminated power button causes the base to glow red, exposing touch-sensitive keys that control power, volume, track advance/FM station scan and input selection functions. 

Its 5-driver speaker system incorporates unique vibration and resonance control technologies coupled with low frequency porting and mid-range tuned cavities for smoother, cleaner audio. An aux input allows any MP3 player and MP3-enabled cellular phone to be connected and played. These features and its eye-catching design are why the Luna5 encore was honored in January 2010 with a CES 2010 Innovation Honoree Award. 

One of the biggest challenges in compact music playback systems is low-frequency reproduction, and the Edifier system handles this brilliantly. But perhaps most incredibly of all: at $299, the Luna5 encore’s performance and exceptional aesthetic design are available at a fraction of the cost of a much larger system. 

In 2010 the Luna5 won the CES Innovation and Design Award and Reddot Award. 

EDIFIER INTERNATIONAL is a leading global designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio speaker products that feature contemporary design and high sound quality. Founded in Beijing in 1996 and with offices in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Australia and Buenos Aires, Edifier has sales in more than fifty countries and has become a world-class international audio components manufacturer providing unique, inspirational, visually elegant and functional audio solutions for home, consumer electronics and PC multimedia applications. Now with 3,000 employees producing more than eight million sets annually, the company has won numerous international design awards, including breakthrough CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards (CES 2008 (two awards) and CES 2010 (one award)) in the U.S.; iF Product Design awards in 2008 and a Red Dot Design Award (MP300 Plus and Luna2 E20, 2009) in Germany; and a Good Design Award in Japan in for MP300 Plus in 2008. For ore information please go to www.edifier-international.com