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What is EIDC?

What is EIDC?

EIDC stands for Edifier Intelligent Distortion Control, the result of Edifier’s technological innovation in its pursuit of true sound. 

The patented technology is specifically engineered for the most demanding music, designed for the most demanding music lovers. 

EIDC uses a single microprocessor to collect and calculate the distortion level of the output signal. It automatically adjusts the amplifier to protest the system from output overload, allowing for different input sources with varying input levels. 

You can test this technology by turning the speaker’s volume to maximum while playing some demanding music. The indicator will flash very quickly due to unwanted noise and distortion.
That’s when the EIDC technology gets to work. 
With each flash, the speaker system adjusts itself once. Within a minute or two, the sound will become clear and detailed, without any strain or distortion. 

But hearing is believing. Hear the difference EIDC makes in the following speakers: