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Give the Gift of Audio This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Audio This Holiday Season

A Passion For Sound

Trying to find the perfect gift for audio lovers is tricky. Finding the balance of high quality audio without breaking the bank can be difficult. When looking at the audiophile end of the spectrum headphones are extremely expensive as headphones can easily soar above $150. This year Edifier is putting together a holiday gift guide so you know what to get for that audio lover in your life.

H850 Headphones On Sale $49.99 – Audiophile Headphones

Seeking out top tier headphones can end up being incredibly expensive if you are not careful. People tend to think that you can only get a high quality audiophile sound by spending well over $200. Our H850 headphones prove wrong otherwise. As stated from multiple Head-fi users, our H850 headphones are a fantastic listening experience for the price. YouTube reviewer Joe Wood called our H850 headphones “five star headphones at $150”. Meanwhile, Eliza from HomeMom3 wrote an extensive review of our H850 headphones stating that they have a great sound isolation so you can play games or watch movies without disturbing your family and loved ones. Consumer Queen has listed the H850 as the headphones to get this year.

H840 Headphones On Sale $35.99 – Studio Monitoring Headphones

For the bass lover in your life the H840 headphones would be a perfect fit. These headphones are available in two different colors black and blue. Phil Jones from Pure Sound, calibrated the H840 headphones thus, making sure that you feel the bass with every song. Eighty MPH Mom reviewed the H840 headphones loved the fact the sound stays sealed while wearing them. Dave from NH Tech found the H840 to have superb noise isolation and top quality sound. This year Review Wire included our H840 headphones in their holiday gift guide for tech.

H750 Headphones On Sale $35.99 – Compact and Stylish

If the person you are shopping for is in need of foldable compact headphones for travel and also likes to listen to music in style, then the H750 headphones will be for them. The H750 headphones have a unique folding ability making them great for travel. Matthew from Sin-Tek Media reviewed our H750s saying that they are incredibly comfortable and the cord and tangle free. Sweet Deals 4 Moms included us in their holiday gift guide this year because they are high quality headphones with a great design.

H650 Headphones On Sale $28.83 – Great For Children and Adults Alike

The H650 headphones are widely regarded as great headphones for children due to their high durability and wide variety of colors. They come available in black, white, orange, purple and pink.

Not only are the H650 headphones great for children, they are also fantastic for travelling. MacNN stated that the headphones are for people who are globetrotters and public-transit riders. NHTech reviewed our headphones and found them to have a comfortable fit and a great sound.

The H650 have made the list of many holiday gift guides this year. My Mismatched World put together a holiday gift guide stating they are perfect for travel and have a great bass to them. Funtastic Life finds their foldable and lightweight design perfect headphones for traveling. The H650 Edifier headphones are also recognized by Rasmussen College. In their gift guide for adult college students, they believe the lightweight and foldable design the H650s are “perfect for on-the-go college students”.

Edifier G2 Gaming Headset On $39.99 – Dominate The Competition

Dominate the competition with the Edifier G2 gaming headset. It is proven that playing with a professional gaming headset enhances, not only your experience of the game, but also your level of play as well. Edifier’s G2 headset has been reviewed by video game blogs as a fantastic gaming headset. The Game Scouts reviewed our gaming headset saying that they were impressed “with the brilliant audio quality coming from something that costs no more than a dinner for two”.

H210 Earphones On Sale $15.99 – Simple Sleek Buds

Our most popular line of earphones are the H210 earphones. They come in a small and sleek style to make sure you look stylish, while listening to your favorite tracks. The earphones come in four different colors that fit to your style. They come in black, white, red and blue. This year Rebate Zone included our H210 earphones in their holiday gift guide. These ear buds are the best in their price range and have 9mm drivers using top quality neodymium magnets. Meanwhile, Armchair Arcade declares the G2 headset as “a definite recommendation”.

P293 Earphones $35.99 – Deep Sounding IEMs

The P293 earphones are our best to offer for in-ear monitors. Their angled design ensures a snug fit and keep the sound flowing into your ears. For maximum comfort the P293 earphones come with 3 different sized ear tips so if you have large or small ear canals these earphones will be a perfect fit. Answer calls and control music on your smartphone with the simple to use one click button.

The Huffington Post released their gift guide for busy women and the Edifier P293 earphones made their list.