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How to choose the best headphone for your computer and your smartphone

Now a day there are many headphones and earphones to choose from. For people who mainly work on a computer or phone, there are specific features you need from your headphone that an average user may not. There are two types of headphones you can purchase that come with a microphone: headsets and headphones with built-in mic/remote. 

For computer purposes it is important to point out the benefits of listening to music while you work. If allowed by your employer, listening to music can be a great motivator and increase your productivity. Headphones will let you listen to music without bothering colleagues. 

So what headphone should you use for the purpose of listening to music on your computer? Any headphone or earphone will be great for this function. Choose something that has minimal sound leakage so it does not distract others. Comfort is key. Since most people work 8 hours a day, you need headphones that are comfortable for long hours of wear. 

If you would like to also use your headphone with your smartphone to make hands free calling when you are commuting, then a headphone with a built-in mic/remote is ideal. This lets you answer phone calls without touching your cellphone. The built-in remote also lets you play and pause music, which is beneficial at work. 

If you work on a computer and have to occasionally make calls through the computer, look into purchasing a headset. They are much bigger than headphones, as the microphone is visible, but they are specifically designed for conversing on your computer. They tend to come with a cord that splits at the end with two connections. One is for the headphone/speaker, and the other for the microphone. Not all computers have both ports. So a headphone with a built-in microphone may be more compatible with your computer as they only have one plug in. 

Headsets have an angled microphone, which better picks up your voice. However, because they have separate connection for the microphone and headphone, the microphone will not work with a smartphone. If your work has you on the go and you need to make phone calls to clients while you are out, then investing in a high-end Bluetooth headphone will benefit your daily routine. 

For smartphones, a headphone with a built-in microphone and remote will be ideal for making hands free phone calls. Headsets are limited to the type of computer they can function with requiring separate inputs for speaker and microphone. Headphones are more versatile from switching from devices.