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Leichte Tragbarkeit, starker Klang.

  • Tragbares Bluetooth-Lautsprechersystem für hervorragenden Klang
  • Kabellose Fernbedienung
  • Batterie- und Wechselstromoptionen für den mobilen oder stationären Einsatz
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Powerful. Portable. Perfect.

With Bluetooth-enabled Bric Connect, nothing will get in the way between you and your favorite music. Forget about pesky cables and plugs. Simply pair Bluetooth speaker with any Bluetooth-enabled audio source to stream your music wirelessly.

For those music lovers who like to roam around, load Bric Connect with batteries and transform it into a portable music powerhouse. It’s perfect for the outdoor explorers. And it makes moving the speaker from room to room effortless.

Speaker phone

Hands-free calling and multiple-listener conference calls have never been easier. Bric Connect has a built-in microphone. When paired with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, you can answer, reject and end phone calls with the touch of a button.

For more private calls, switch back to talking on your phone by simply pressing down and holding the call button. It’s that easy.