• Studio quality sound

    A 4" bass unit and 13mm silk dome tweeters provide the kick you need to output top quality audio.

  • Optical & coaxial inputs

    Enjoy a lossless connection to TVs, DVD players, computers, and gaming consoles

  • Wireless Remote

    Get pinpoint control at your fingertips with access to volume, input switching and more

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R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)

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Los parlantes clásicos Edifier__ ahora son mejores

Es hora de tomar nuestros parlantes más vendidos y ofrecer una actualización masiva. Equipado con todas las nuevas características de unos altavoces autoamplificados modernos. Las nuevas entradas incluyen nuevas entradas ópticas, coaxiales e inalámbricas Bluetooth. Experimente el audio HD por primera vez.

Variante de estilo moderno.

Aspecto de madera negra para mantener el aspecto clásico con un nuevo giro en el estilo de la tecnología moderna. Ahora sus parlantes pueden combinarse bien con su computadora, televisión, tocadiscos o cualquier otra pieza de tecnología.

Controles del panel lateral

Utilice las perillas del panel lateral para ajustar el ecualizador a su gusto. Los controles están ubicados en el altavoz activo/amplificado. Gire las perillas de la unidad de control lateral para adaptarlas a sus preferencias personales de sonido. Cambie el volumen ajustando la perilla del altavoz activo.

Lista completa de entradas

Las entradas recientemente agregadas, como las entradas ópticas y coaxiales, actualizan nuestro conjunto estándar de parlantes a un conjunto de parlantes de estantería Full HD. Con las nuevas incorporaciones, también hemos dejado intactas las conexiones RCA para mantener la opción de conexiones RCA o AUX. Muchos de nuestros clientes han confiado en nuestras entradas RCA y cables incluidos. Además, consiga una conexión Bluetooth inalámbrica entre usted y su fuente, como un teléfono o una computadora portátil.

Control remoto inalámbrico

El control remoto recién incluido le permite cambiar fácilmente las entradas, ajustar el volumen y la energía con el uso del control remoto incluido.

Todo nuevo control remoto

Con el control remoto inalámbrico recientemente rediseñado, controle los dispositivos conectados por Bluetooth. Controla la reproducción con los botones ubicados en el cuadrado con el logo de Bluetooth.

    One Year Limited Warranty Certified Refurbished Replacement ONLY

    Free Shipping Over $49 to 48 States

    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)
    R1280DB (reacondicionado certificado)

    Edifier's Speakers Just Got Better

    The R1280DB has the classic look you love with all new features of modern powered Bluetooth speakers. The clean wooden finish of the R1280DB bookshelf speakers leave a lasting impression of elegance and luxury. The upgraded specs accommodate a standard of professionalism while improving quality and performance. The naturally fine tuned Bluetooth bookshelf speaker is enjoyable in just about any setting enhancing the style of your domestic living space.

    All New Style

    A newly refined look you love with a twist. Black wood keeps the classic look with a fresh twist on the style of modern technology. Innovation and style are important elements that accompany the feel of the R1280DB Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. Hi-tech quality and style drive the overall experience of this powerful black bookshelf speaker. Upon first glance the black wood finish gives any reviewer the impression of a sleek and stealthy Bluetooth speaker ready to deliver powerful performance.

    On-Board Controls

    Adjust the EQ using the on-board controls located on the active/powered Bluetooth speaker. Treble, bass, and volume knobs located on the side panel. The clear accessibility to on-board controls and modern functionality heighten the amiability of the R1280BD powered Bluetooth speakers. Clear and concise controls compliment the manual providing uninterrupted playtime.

    Fully Featured Inputs

    Achieve HD audio with the help of the optical and coaxial inputs which are additions to the R1280DB Bluetooth speakers.We have kept the two RCA connections for both Line 1 and Line 2 connection. Also, wirelessly connect to your phone or laptop with Bluetooth. Edifier Bluetooth bookshelf speaker specs provide for the quintessential modern experience. Comprehension and control, all at your fingertips.

    Wireless Remote

    Easily switch between inputs, adjust volume and power with the use of the remote. The features of our black remote add that extra layer of modern delight. Comfort and convenience is what the R1280DB seeks to provide with inclusion of the remote. Control at your fingertips yet again, with the R1280DB Bluetooth powered bookshelf speakers.

    All New Remote

    With the newly redesigned wireless and sleek black remote the R1280DB puts the power in your hands. Control your powered Bluetooth bookshelf speakers and connect to your device in total comfort. Activate playback with the buttons located in the square with the Bluetooth logo.


    • User manual
    • Remote control
    • Speaker connecting cable (2.5M / 8.2ft)
    • RCA to RCA audio cable (1.7M / 5.5ft)
    • 3.5mm-RCA audio cable (1.7M / 5.5ft)
    • Fiber optic input cable (1.5M / 5ft)



    • ≤25dB (A)
    • R/L: 21W+21W RMS


    • ≥85dBA (A)


    • 55Hz-20KHz


    • 4 inch (116mm)


    • : Φ13mm silk dome tweeter



    • 196 × 146 × 234mm (WxHxD)



    • R/L: 21W+21W RMS



    • LINE IN1: R/L:450±50mV
    • LINE IN2: R/L:550±50mV
    • OPT/COA: R/L:500±50mFFS
    • Bluetooth: R/L:700±50mFFS


    Why can’t I hear any sound?

    1. Verify that the power indicator light is illuminated.
    2. Attempt to increase the volume.
    3. Ensure that the audio cables are correctly and securely connected.
    4. Confirm that the input settings on the speakers are configured correctly.
    5. Check if the audio source is actively delivering a signal output.
    Why can’t I turn on the speakers?

    You have two options to power on the Edifier bookshelf speakers:

    1. Connect the main power supply of your speakers.
    2. Activate the wall outlet connected to your speakers.
    Why can’t I connect my speakers via Bluetooth?

    1. Ensure that your speaker is set to Bluetooth mode and disconnect any other paired devices.
    2. Confirm that you are within a Bluetooth transmission range of 10 meters or less.
    3. Try connecting with an alternative Bluetooth device for the connection attempt.

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