Styles that compliment your interior design

Make your living room standout with sound and décor. Edifier has created outstanding award-winning products that are suitable for every room in your home. Unique shapes that take the boxy speaker out of the box. And to top it all off they even come in radiant colours that will match your unique style sense.

Luna e255 Luna HD Spinnaker

All-around sound systems delivering crisp treble, deep and tight bass

Each speaker is crafted to provide depth and power to bring you closer to the action. Bring the movie theatre experience home, with top of the line sound systems that will blow the roof off your house. Each speaker is armed with its own amplifier to expand sound.

B3 Soundbar

Optical inputs for lossless digital connection

Connect TV, DVD and gaming systems to Edifier’s impressive speakers. Optical input allows lifelike sounds to fill your space. No quality is lost with the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equipped in Edifier’s speakers. Carefully processing sound, limiting the chance of distortion.

Speakers with Optical Input

Remote control

The remotes are just as unique as the speakers. Edifier has matched the uniqueness of its speakers with easy-to-use remote controls. Sleek remotes that fit in your pocket help you adjust volume and power. Edifier has also included touch sensitive features on some of its Bluetooth speakers as well as simple button keys for seamless control.

Low power consumption

Designed to use less power, Edifier keeps you cost conscious and environmentally friendly. The speakers less power intake dose not sacrifice the high quality sound.

AUX connection

Connect virtually anything to your Edifier speaker with the Auxiliary cable provided. Any multimedia device can be enhanced with these speakers. Connect MP3 players, Smartphones, DVD players, Laptops, PCs, etc.

Pair your device with Bluetooth

Any device can be easily paired to Edifier’s speakers via Bluetooth. Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 speaker system with reception range of up to 30 feet, providing quality sound from a distance is no challenge. Connecting with Bluetooth helps limit the amount of wires you have running through your home or office. Fewer wires, less clutter.

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