Speakers with Subwoofer For TV and living room

Speaker cable

Spread your speakers further apart. With a three-metre speaker cable you can now experience surround sound with Edifier’s desktop speakers. Edifier also carriers replacement for original speaker cables if you misplaced or accidentally damaged it.

Low power consumption

Designed to use less power, Edifier keeps you cost conscious and environmentally friendly. The speakers less power intake dose not sacrifice the high quality sound.

AUX connection

Connect virtually anything to your Edifier speaker with the Auxiliary cable provided. Any multimedia device can be enhanced with these speakers. Connect MP3 players, Smartphones, DVD players, Laptops, PCs, etc.

Pair your device with Bluetooth

Any device can be easily paired to Edifier’s speakers via Bluetooth. Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 speaker system with reception range of up to 30 feet, providing quality sound from a distance is no challenge. Connecting with Bluetooth helps limit the amount of wires you have running through your home or office. Fewer wires, less clutter.

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