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Celebrate World Radio Day with Your Favorite Tunes

Join us this World Radio Day to celebrate the radio’s vast and ever-growing influence! This year, take some time out of your day to connect with friends and family over your favorite tunes by tuning into your favorite radio station. Enjoy discovering new music, reminiscing about old classics, or catching up on news from around the world — it’s all just a twist of the dial away!

From commutes to road trips, radio has been a companion for generations - tuning in and out of conversations, news broadcasts, cultural phenomena, music genres, sports coverage, and more. It’s an art form that allows us to be part of something greater than ourselves and pass on stories from one generation to the next.

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History of World Radio Day

On February 13, the world unites as a collective to commemorate World Radio Day (WRD). Originally proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO and later adopted into an International Day of Celebration by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, WRD celebrates radio - one of humanity's oldest forms of communication. It was created as an opportunity for all stakeholders to promote the importance of radio, share best practices and discover ways to use it as a tool for policy change, social development, and public engagement. Working together, radio stations, technology companies, NGOs, and governments around the world are making great strides in utilizing radio to make a difference. First World Radio Day was celebrated in 2012 and is sponsored also by UNESCO. Radio waves continue to bring people from all walks of life together.

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Why is World Radio Day celebrated?

World Radio Day is celebrated each year as a way to celebrate radio and all its benefits. It highlights radio’s potential as an important medium of communication, education, and entertainment, and encourages everyone to remember the value that it can bring to their lives. UNESCO highlights independent radio stations and encourages them to create engaging content for their audiences and serve diverse communities around the world.


What country initiated World Radio Day?

The idea for World Radio Day was initiated by the Kingdom of Spain. Spanish radio academy “Academica Española de Radio” proposed the day with the aim of celebrating radio, its role in society, and its power to bring people together. It was proposed to UNESCO, who then adopted it in 2011. Since then, it has been celebrated by countries around the world.

How you can celebrate World Radio Day?

There are many ways to join in the celebration of World Radio Day. Here are a few ideas:

• Tune into your favorite radio station and listen to music from different genres and cultures.

• Host a listening party and invite friends and family to come together over the airwaves.

• Support radio programs that focus on promoting gender equality or other social causes.

• Support local radio stations and donate to their programming.

• Share stories of how radio has impacted your life.

• Research the history of radio and share facts with friends or on social media.


What is the theme of World Radio Day 2023?

The theme of World Radio Day 2023 is “Radio and Peace”, which is an acknowledgment of the role that radio broadcasting plays in advocating for peace and promoting understanding between different cultures. It serves to highlight how radio can be used to build bridges between communities and ensure open dialogue on difficult topics.

How many types of radios are there?

There are many different types of radios available on the market today, from traditional FM radio receivers to Internet radio and satellite-based systems. Traditional AM/FM radios use electromagnetic waves to transmit their signals through airwaves, while digital options rely on digital signals sent over the internet or satellite networks. Additionally, some radios are equipped with features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and voice commands that allow users to access a wider range of stations. There are also radios available specifically designed for outdoor activities like camping or hiking, providing people with the ability to stay connected while they explore the terrain.


Radio remains one of the most powerful tools for connecting people and fostering understanding across cultures, languages, and nations. The widest audience means radio reaches more people than any other media, even in the most remote areas. Celebrating World Radio Day is a great way to honor this medium’s important role in everyday life.

So, this World Radio Day, tune in and turn up your favorite station! Celebrate the power of the radio to bring us together, no matter where we are. Share stories with friends over airwaves, experience new music genres, catch up on the latest news — whatever it is that you love about radio, make it your day to celebrate!

Let's make this World Radio Day one to remember! Tune in and enjoy the ride. Happy listening!