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Why Choose The Edifier MS50A WiFi Speaker

About Edifier MS50A

The Edifier MS50A WiFi Speaker is the latest smart speaker of the Edifier family of speakers. This mic-free speaker comes with an integrated WiFi module and is certified by Amazon to work with Alexa. While maintaining a classic look, MS50A delivers high-quality sound with its 15w tweeter and 25w 4-inch woofer.

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Why Choose The Edifier MS50A WiFi Speaker

Microphone Free

No built-in microphone helps protect your privacy.

WiFi + Bluetooth Dual Wireless Input

Access cloud base and high-definition music streaming services.

Works with Apple Airplay 2

Play directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Wireless Stereo Group

Enjoy the EDIFIER sound stage by pairing two MS50A speakers with the EDIFIER HOME APP for a better music experience.

MRM (Multi-Room Music) System

After this speaker is registered in your Amazon Alexa, you can add it to a multi-room system through the Alexa App and play music/podcasts/news on multiple speakers simultaneously.

Improved Sound Quality

Equipped with advanced sound amplifier and DSP technology to build powerful tweeter and woofer without distortion.

Smart Touch Control

Simply move your fingertips on the touch command on top of the speaker to adjust the volume and switch songs.

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How much is your smart speaker listening to you?

Our smart speakers are listening to us, and that's how they can provide us with such personalized service. Most of us enjoy the convenience and benefits of these smart devices without really thinking about them. But it's worth considering, especially given the recent privacy concerns that have been raised about smart speakers.

You may want to know - how much are they listening? What exactly are they doing with all that information? What are the potential risks of having a smart speaker in your home? And how can you mitigate them?

The main risk with smart speakers is that they are always listening, which means that they could potentially record everything you say, even when you're not intentionally talking to them. This raises a lot of privacy concerns, as it could allow companies to collect a lot of sensitive data about you and your family.

There are some ways to mitigate the privacy risk.

First, you can choose a smart speaker with strong privacy controls, which means that the speaker will only record and store data if you specifically tell it to. Second, you can keep your smart speaker in a safe place where it can't overhear your conversations. And third, you can choose a microphone-free speaker like Edifier MS50A.

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Does Alexa listen all the time?

You're probably not wrong. Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices are designed to always be listening for their wake words, which means they're also constantly recording everything they hear. A lot of data could potentially be used to track you and your family members' activities, and it's all stored on Amazon's servers.

But there are a few things you can do to limit how much data your smart speaker collects.

• Delete your voice recordings.

Open the Amazon Alexa app, go to Settings, select History, and hit the trash can icon.

• Don't save future voice recordings.

In the same History menu in the app, toggle the "Enable saving voice recordings" option to off.

• Mute the microphone.

If you want to make sure your smart speaker isn't listening to you, just hit the mute button.

• Keep your smart speaker in a safe place.

You can keep your Echo in a cabinet or another room to make sure it's not recording your conversations.

• Secure your WiFi network.

Make sure your WiFi network is password-protected so strangers can't access it.

• Choose a microphone-free smart speaker.

If you're worried about your privacy, you can choose a smart speaker that doesn't have a microphone, such as the Edifier MS50A. This way, the device can't record anything it hears.

Voice assistant is not a big deal to you?

For people who don't care about the voice assistants function and don't want to talk to your speaker or any smart devices, a great way to avoid that is to get a speaker that doesn't have a built-in microphone. MS50A is one of those mic-less devices.

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What if you want to use voice commands sometimes?

No problem either. The MS50A’s core application is online streaming media playback based on Amazon Alexa (Work with Alexa). After registering this speaker to Amazon Alexa with an Amazon account, you will be able to use streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, etc.

The speaker can be controlled in Alexa App as well as using interactive voice devices such as Echo. With Alexa, you can create your personal playlist, control play/pause, build a multi-room system with other devices, and build two speakers to a stereo group.

If you're really worried about your privacy, you should choose a speaker that doesn't have a microphone, like the Edifier MS50A WiFi Speaker. This feature sets it apart from many other brands of wireless speakers. Without a microphone, the speaker itself cannot be used for voice commands, which provides better privacy for users. The MS50A is a good choice for people concerned about their privacy and who want a speaker that won't record their conversations.

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