Edifier Certified Refurbished Products

(1) What are Edifier Certified Refurbished Products?

Edifier Certified Refurbished Products are used Edifier items that experience Edifier's stringent restoration process before being available to be purchased. While just a few units are returned because of technical issues, each unit is assessed to guarantee it satisfies Edifier's quality guidelines.
Every Edifier Certified Refurbished Product:
  • Experiences thorough testing and any inadequate models recognized in testing are disposed of and are not part of our inventory.
  • Edifier products that require new parts are excluded from the Edifier Certified Refurbished Program.
  • Is put through an exhaustive cleaning procedure and investigation.
  • Is repackaged (counting manuals, cables, and new boxes).
  • Is set into a Final QA review before being added to sellable repaired stock.
The refurbishment procedure follows the same procedures for Edifier's newly manufactured finished goods.

(2) What would it be advisable for me to expect when I buy an Edifier Certified Refurbished Product?

  • Save on high quality products from Edifier.
  • A fully functional product with complete documentation.
  • The confirmation that the product satisfies Edifier's quality guidelines, and defective parts have been removed and restored to a fully functional product.

(3) Does Edifier Certified Refurbished Products Come with a Warranty?

All Edifier Certified Refurbish Products are secured by limited warranty.