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Bring Pure Music for Your Life

R19BT Computer Speakers

Bring Pure Music for Your Life

Superior Sound Quality

The computer speakers with 2.75-inch full-range drivers and 4W power deliver stunning Hi-Fi sound quality for music fans.

Deep Bass

The front oval bass-reflex port has a tapered caliber that has been finely tuned and produces deeper bass.

Balance Stereo Audio

All circuits are placed in the cabinet seats with equal left and right volume, ensuring a balanced stereo effect.


2.0 PC Speaker System with Bluetooth

  • 2.75-inch full-range unit and 4W power to deliver excellent sound
  • Bluetooth 5.3 technology enables faster connection and stable audio transmission
  • The built-in sound card allows you to connect to your PC via a single USB cable
  • Large control knob, easy to control
  • A contemporary design with rounded corners and distinct lines
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$ 49.99
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Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 Technology

The Bluetooth 5.3 of the 2.0 PC speaker system offers a faster connection and stable audio transmission. It reduces delays and interferences and connects with ease to most Bluetooth devices.

Built-in Sound Card Plug and Play

The built-in sound card allows you to connect to your PC via a single USB cable. Say goodbye to multiple wires and keep your workstation organized.

Slanted Design for Near-field Listening

The elevated angle is tilted back slightly, reducing sound interference and delivering crystal-clear sound directly to your ears.

Large Control Knob

Turn on or off and adjust the volume easily with the 25mm multifunction knob.

Convenient to Connect Headphones

The computer speakers have a front headphone jack for easy connection of headphones.


  • 2.75" full-range driver
  • Bluetooth/USB sound card/3.5mm
  • V5.3
  • 2W + 2W
  • 5V 1A
  • 80Hz - 19KHz
  • ≤25dB(A)